Conference Day One: Thursdsay, 30 March 2017


08:45 AM - 08:50 AM Welcome from the Conference Director

08:50 AM - 09:00 AM Opening Remarks from the Chair

Australia has fallen 2 places from 16 to 18 on the global digital rankings according to the global Information Technology Report 2016. This has been attributed to poor broadband affordability, little evidence of emerging information and communication technology (ICT) business models and tepid venture capital investment. Private sector and the government clearly need to drive innovation and maintain a robust economy. This session will look at the setting up triggers to foster and support continuous innovation across sectors and industries.

  • Discussing the role of the government and policy making in driving innovation and sparking creativity
  • Is government support even necessary – considering Silicon Valley?
  • Facilitating better collaboration between the private sector business for innovation and growth
  • Policy making for to encourage and drive innovation

Prof. Roy Green

UTS Business School

Todd Forest

Managing Director
NAB Ventures

Rohan Workman

Director, Melbourne Accelerator Program
University of Melbourne

09:45 AM - 10:15 AM CASE STUDY: The NSW Digital Government and Innovation Strategy: Driving Innovation to Scale

Damon Rees, Chief Digital Officer, NSW Government
he NSW Government is one of the largest organisations with 150 departments and over 400,000 employees. Driving innovation presents 2 challenges, the mammoth scale of the organization and the number of end users themselves. This session will explore driving innovation to scale whilst building interconnectedness, integration and intergenerational compatibility.

  • Value of data and insight driven approach to governement
  • Navigating sophisticated legacy systems and future proofing systems
  • APIs and their role in managing technology that is rapidly changing: Lego block systems and integration
  • Embedding agility for cost savings and better opportunities
  • Driving interoperability

Damon Rees

Chief Digital Officer
NSW Government

Michael Gooding

Web Performance Specialist
Akamai Technologies
An effective structured interactive session designed to help you expand your network through one-on-one focused conversations. Bring plenty of business cards

Nicholas John Nicoloudis

Global Solution Architect, Innovation Technology, Custom Development
Monash University

Rod Gallagher

Partner, Enterprise Applications
Deloitte Consulting

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM MORNING TEA

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM Cultivating a Culture of Curiosity: Changing Mindsets, Stimulating Thought and Institutionalized Fear of Failure

James Chin Moody , Co-founder and CEO, Sendle
Curiosity is an innate virtue that we seem to lose as we get older. Why does that happen? It is what drives questions and ideas that eventually lead to innovation. How do you tap into your innate curiosity and reach out to your inner innovator? And how can you shift mindsets to ask questions and spark creativity. This session will look at culture, values and mindsets that stimulate thought and questions. It will investigate certain learned behaviours that tend to block creativity and the institutionalized fear of failure.

  • Exploring curiosity: What encourages it and why it fades with age
  • Creating a culture that supports open thought and shifting mindsets
  • Tapping into the inner innovator
  • Investigating institutionalized fear of failure

James Chin Moody

Co-founder and CEO

12:00 PM - 12:30 PM Levers of Change – Triggers for Innovation and Modernisation

In most cases, incumbents are playing catch up with disruption. This session will bring together business leaders who are leading modernisation projects in incumbent organisations. Speaking change and getting things moving are challenging in large, established businesses. In these cases, incremental change is important for innovation and starting small is key. The panelists will investigate levers of change that they’ve set up, lessons learnt and plans to sustain disruptive innovation.

  • Levels of change to reinvent the business
  • Encouraging collaboration and partnerships
  • Using Technology to empower employees and encourage ideas
  • Empowering employees and creating a safe culture
  • Navigating technical debt and transforming legacy applications
  • Creating new ecosystems for disruptive innovation
  • Linking modernisation to the bottom line: The impact on Cap Ex and Op Ex

Anthony Buntic

Deloitte Australia

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM Introducing D.A.V.I.S, your Virtual Digital Assistant – an essential enabler to Digital Transformation.

Rafi Katanasho, Chief Technical Officer and VP of Solution Sales – APAC, Dynatrace

Innovation is happening at a rapid rate. Business environments are increasingly complex and seemingly simple questions like ‘Are our Digital processes working well for our customers?’ can be difficult to answer. Hear from Rafi Katanasho, Dynatrace’s APAC Chief Technical Officer and VP of Solution Sales about how Dynatrace, powered by AI Dynatrace cuts through the complexity and helps you achieve success on your digital journey.

Rafi Katanasho

Chief Technical Officer and VP of Solution Sales – APAC
How will Emerging Technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and R obotics, improve an originations ability to deliver innovative on business applications. This session will investigate the opportunities to improve service delivery, build customer engagement, increase, cost efficiencies and build better products. It will also explore strategies to effectively absorb technology into incumbent business structures.

  • Identifying key opportunities for business to leverage these emerging technologies
  • Streamlining existing processes and applications
  • Addressing bringing down friction and better integrating technology
  • Humanizing technology and the impact of personalisation
  • Addressing the impact on our workforce: Questions about redundancy and building capability
  • Charting out and planning for timelines

Mary-Anne Williams

Director of Innovation
UTS and Co-founder and Director of MagicLabs

Dan Taylor

General Manager, Innovation
Tal Group

Tony Nolan

OAM Innovation Officer
OAM Innovation Officer


3:30 PM - 4:45 PM The Data Minefield: Big Data, Data Visualisation and Real Time Analytics

Data, particularly large data sets and big data continues to present an enigma to businesses. It’s staring right at us, but the challenge lies in capturing the information, seeing patterns and using this to inform decisions. Then there’s the question of data ownership, privacy and trust issues. This session will explore the limitless potential of data and how visualization and modeling can inform disruptive decision making.

  • Data visualization and modeling with mega data sets: Discussing parameters and patterns
  • Real time analytics and its potential for quick, disruptive decision making
  • Addressing privacy and trust concerns
  • Exploring the machine learning and overcoming the obstacles presented by processing power

4:45 PM - 5:30 PM 7 ways property data is transforming government decision making

Kyle Evans, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, CoreLogic

Residential property is a $6.7 trillion asset class in Australia compared to $1.7 trillion in listed equities and $2.1 trillion for superannuation. Commercial property adds an extra $0.9 trillion to its value. Property data is one of the country’s most fanatically followed ‘big data’ sets, such is our fascination with real estate. This session will look at how ‘big data’ can assist government authorities on projects that allow them to make better decisions both long term and in emergency situations; to help with planning; improve efficiency and become more transparent to their constituents.

  • How infrastructure changes can affect your region
  • Insights to better inform zoning and building changes
  • Understanding the impact of building code and policy decisions
  • Insights into community wealth and expectations

Kyle Evans

Chief Data and Analytics Officer

5:30 PM - 5:40 PM Closing remarks from the Chair

5:40 PM - 6:40 PM Networking Drinks and Awards